Why Keyword Research is so Important for SEO?

Keyword Research is important in SEO as it allows find the right types of keywords to rank #No.1 on Google. As most of your customers search for solutions on Google using the keywords. Keyword Research helps you learn your customer’s needs and provide them with the best results.

This Guide is for a beginner with little knowledge of SEO and also for pro users.

What is a keyword?

Google basically provides search queries based on the keyword you type. So anything you type in a search engine is a keyword to find your solution to your problem.

Google processes 3.8 billion searches per day as per the Internetlivestats 2020. This shows the number of keywords. And As per the report of SERPstat Google has over 3.5 Billion Keywords In Google USA Database.

Keywords are very important for Google to point out the solutions for its users.

So if you are searching “How to learn singing” this is a keyword. And google will provide results of the pages or business which have this keyword on their webpage.

Types of Keywords

There are basically three types based on the length of the keyword.
1. Short-Tail Keywords
2. Mid-Tail Keywords
3. Long-Tail Keywords.

1. Short-Tail Keywords.

These are once which popular, board search keywords. They are used very frequently and have high search volume. But they are hard to rank for a new website site. because these keywords are taken by the big companies which have already been in the market for years.

Example: Smartphones

2. Mid-Tail Keywords

Here in the Mid-Tail keywords they have small search volume and are popular and are more specific. These are good to use for websites which is already established and I don’t recommend these for new sites as its difficult. Unless the keyword has fewer competitors then it’s easy to rank.

Example: Best Smartphones

3. Long-Tail Keywords.

And last we come to long-tail keywords, this is well suited for the new sites and also established once. Because you provide a solution to the specific problem of the customer. Long-tail keywords have low search volume but can be very boosting for new sites. It’s easy to rank on long-tail keywords as its topic-specific.

Example: Best Smartphones with Wide Angle Lens

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a method of finding the right keywords to match your promotional needs. If you write an article on “Off-road Bikes” then you need to go and find the keywords related to your topic.

After you find those keywords it will be using it in your article or ads campaigns so that you can rank well on google.

Tools Used for Keyword Research.

Keyword Research can be done if you have access to some of the tools used during the research. Most of the tools used by agencies and enterprises are paid tools. But if you are new and don’t want to spend then there are free once too. But the paid once come with the extra power to complete your keyword research

Some of the paid tools:

1. SEMrush

This is my personal choice to do keyword research as I have used it for several projects. SEMrush not only does keyword research but also has several other features that can boost your SEO. They have a special keyword research section called “Keyword Magic Tool”. Here we will be able to filter and get suggestions and a lot of other features on keywords.

2. Ahrefs

This is also very popular among marketers as it provides keyword research. It also has several other tools to make marketing better.

3. keywordtool.io

If you want to be specific only to do keyword research then this is also one of the best tools. This specializes in keyword research. There are many other paid keyword tools. But these are some of the best used and suggested by most digital marketers.

Now let’s look at some of the free tools out there.

1. Google Trends.

Yes, you can do keyword research using Google trends but it might not provide you with a lot of data as the paid tools. But it will provide you with the best accurate data. Simple because it made by Google.

2. Answerthepublic

Answerthepublic will help you find the keywords for your article and also provide you with ideas for your topic. It is free but for limited searches and has a paid version.

3. Google Autocomplete.

When you go and search a query on google you will find google suggesting you the further query. For example, if you type “best smartphone” you will get suggestions. This information will be useful for your keyword research.

Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

1. It helps your business connect with search engines.

Sometimes we have a generic keyword that might have two or more meanings. Example:- Apple, it might be a fruit or apple company similarly there are several other generic keywords. So To tackle this we can use a keyword search to understand how our keyword can be placed with other terms.

Because a search engine cannot distingue if you are talking about apple fruit or apple company unless you add terms related to your keyword. We can solve this problem by doing keyword research. Find related keywords and add the right keywords in your article or campaign with it.

2. Gain more audience using keyword research.

If you are a blogger or selling a product/service online then doing keyword research will boost your business. Because knowing the queries of the customers you will be able to understand the problems. And can create an article or campaign focused on the query on how your product can address the problem.

Knowing the queries and addressing those issues will help you gain more customers.

3. Understanding your Market Size

To learn how many people are trying to search the problem that you are trying to solve. Tools like Google trends will provide you with a percentage of search but won’t provide you the number of people searching. This number can be found using SEMrush where you can find the search volume or number of people searching for a particular query.

So before you create your campaign or article always try to do keyword research to see if its a problem a lot of people are having.

4. Keyword Research on Competitors

Keeping an eye on the keywords your competitors are ranking. This will help you to learn the keywords that are ranking and used by your competitors. This can be done using SEMrush where it will show you the list of keywords through which your competitors are receiving traffic.

5. Learn something new about your market.

By doing keyword research you will always find people searching for something new related to your market. So if customers are facing a new problem or they are trying to find a related solution. So if you can provide a solution to your customer’s new problems then it will help your business grow.

Keyword Research is very important if you set up your business online. So don’t ignore it and it will help you rank better on Google. Let me know in the comment below how keyword research helped you?

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